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Dr. Tahir Akgül graduated from law school at İstanbul University in 2000 and registered with the İstanbul Bar in 2001. He completed his postgraduate and doctoral studies in Germany and wrote his thesis on corporate mergers and acquisitions. Prior to the beginning of his tenure at Demir & Partners in 2012, he worked with foreign partners for four years. Dr. Akgül primarily works in the fields of transportation law, commercial law, and working law and provides legal consultancy services to local and foreign companies operating in these fields. Dr. Akgül has excellent command of German and English.

Att. Akgül primarily practices in the following areas:

 In the context of dispute resolution issues with delays or arising from the loss, or being damaged of commodities that are transported by international forwarders by road, sea, railways, or by air, and dealing especially with the resolution of disputes arising between the insurers and the insured parties relating with the legal responsibilities for transporting the commodities by international road forwarding within the scope of the conditions and limits stated on the insurance policies, for determining whether the company has gained the right for obtaining premiums and for collecting the amounts, and mainly dealing with the discrepancies relating with CMR convention,

Collection of commercial receivables of companies through enforcement and filing claims,

Conducting proceedings of establishment of companies with foreign partners,

Conducting proceedings of preparation of documents for Board of Directors and General Assembly of limited liability and anonymous companies with foreign partners, preparation of all types of board decisions, amendments of main contracts, increase or reduction of capital amount, transfer of shares, transfer of addresses, and assignment of managers,

In the context of labour law, conducting law suits of severance pay, notices, bad faith compensation cases, and the right for obtaining wages, law suits relating with the request of determining servicing, law suits relating with returning to work, law suits relating with financial and spiritual indemnities, opening up cases relating with violation of prohibition of competition and for following them up.