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Attorney Yılmaz graduated from Ankara Adalet High School in 1997. In 1998, he started working at the Ministry of Justice and subsequently worked at the Justice Palace of Istanbul until 2003. In 2003, he graduated law school at İstanbul University and in that same year, he started his apprenticeship at our Firm and has been a part of it since. Attorney Yılmaz primarily works in the fields of transportation law, intellectual rights law and labour law and in addition provides unparalleled written and verbal legal consultancy services.

Att. Yılmaz primarily practices in the following areas:

Dispute resolution related to delays, damages or missing items in the context of commodities transported either by local or international freight via road, railway, sea, or airway, resolution of disputes between the insurer and the insured in regards to legal liabilities for transporting loads by international forwarders as specified in the conditions and limits on insurance policies and for determining whether the insurer has gained right for the premiums and other related collections.

Carrying out penal and legal solutions for protecting the intellectual property rights of companies and individuals, dealing with the processing of penal cases relating with TPE decisions, cases relating with inoperativeness of brands, providing solutions for issues in the context of patent rights, evidence configuration, conducting due diligence of patent rights, compensations, financial and spiritual indemnity cases, to seize products that are the subject of violation at the customs and other places, to carry out penal cases relating with violation of brand rights, dealing with complaints of prosecution, to obtain permits for making search, confiscations of imitation commodities, dealing with cases relating with the protection and cancellation of commercial titles, protecting mainly the rights of owners of creations as regards to the intellectual and artistic creations law and for dealing with related compensations and searching for ways to avoid such occurrences, following up penal cases relating with violations of financial and spiritual rights of owners of creations,

Taking on cases of severance pay, notices, bad faith compensation cases, unpaid wages cases, cases related to services rendered, cases of returning to work, financial and spiritual indemnity cases, filing claims for violation of prohibition of competitors, and following them up.  

In addition, Attorney Yılmaz provides legal consultancy to clients and gives utmost importance in answering their queries -written or verbally-, reviewing contracts and preparing them in line with requests, preparing contracts between the employers and employees and reviewing them, and if requested attending meetings and providing legal support for protecting the rights of the clients.