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She graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 2015 and started her apprenticeship by registering to the Istanbul Bar Association in the same year. She has worked as an Assistant Attorney in a law firm of a private bank and has experience in Banking Law, Consumer Law, Competition Law, Commercial Law and Labor Law. She joined Demir & Partners Law Firm in 2017. Att. SAATCI mainly works in the areas of Consumer Law, Commercial Law, Family Law, Heritage Law and Labor Law and gives legal advice to domestic and foreign companies operating in these fields. She has various studies and certifications in the field of Health Law and speaks English.

Att. Gizem SAATCI primarily works in the following fields:

 Bargain and sale contracts in the framework of Consumer Law, proceedings to be done through Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems, negotiations between the seller and the buyer, making a protocol for it, following judicial proceedings, and consulting,

 Reviewing contracts, preparing drafts, submitting obiter dictums within the framework of Obligations Law and Commercial Law,

 Following proceedings and lawsuits of severance pay, payment in lieu of notice, compensation for bad faith damages, unpaid wages, lawsuit for fixing of period of service, reemployment, pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and prohibition of competition within the framework of Labor Law,

 Following the proceedings of disputes and lawsuits arising out of marriage, engagement, divorce, alimony obligations, custody, property regimes between spouses, affinity, establishment of paternity, adoption, child’s goods, family goods and guardianship and consulting and making a protocol for these proceedings,

 Following the proceedings of disputes and lawsuit arising out of writing of the will, the cancellation of the will, lawsuits for reduction, lawsuit for renunciation of inheritance, filing and finalizing of lawsuits for decedent simulation, issuance of the certificate of inheritance, filing and finalizing of lawsuits for annulment of the certificate, partition of the inheritance and consultancy within the frame of inheritance law.